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Jean Augustine Shares Lessons from a Lifetime of Social Justice Advocacy at CCS AGM    

All through Jean Augustine’s keynote address at CCS’ 2019 annual general meeting was a call to action around personal responsibility. “Opportunity dances with those on the dance floor. You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sail,” she said.  Read More




Past Client Comes Back to Give Back at CCS AGM

“The English Language Training program (for Medical Professionals) gave me back my self-confidence.”
Imagine that, a newcomer who had been practicing medicine for seven years in his home country prior to immigrating, as well as being educated at one of the best universities in the nation (Beheshti Medical University in Tehran), needed to regain a sense of self-assurance after coming to Canada? Read More



Launching a Newsletter to Tell the CCS Story  

Since 1954, CCS has been privileged to serve immigrants and refugees who have come to call Canada home. Whether it is settlement or integration, we focus on providing a welcoming environment in building people’s strengths, nurturing their talents, and helping them to grow and prosper. Read More


CCS Summer Enrichment Camp Makes Kids Smile – and Think  

When you think of summer camp, images of kids having carefree fun while on vacation readily comes to mind. CCS’s Summer Enrichment Camp program in Scarborough is all this and much more. Read More


CCS Woman’s Circle Program Puts a New Face on Settlement       

Nadia Afrin never knew a customer loyalty program could be so rewarding.

The CCS executive assistant has a side hustle as a self-taught make-up artist with a reputation across the agency for being particularly skillful when it comes to beauty products and their application. Read More


CCS Partners with RBC on Financial Literacy

CCS has been helping newcomers understand the wide world of banking a for a long time, but never before in partnership with a major financial institution. Accordingly, CCS was very excited to host the financial services pros from RBC on July 24 at one of CCS’ Scarborough locations for the inaugural RBC Financial Literacy Workshop. Read More

Power Trio Represents CCS at International Conference in Ottawa        

In late June, executive director, Agnes Thomas, regional director, Lisa Loong, and manager, Zeena Al Hamdan, made the trek to the nation’s capital to attend a conference focused on the “promise of migration”. Throughout the four-day event, the team delivered presentations, attended panels and workshops – and one of them even got to meet somebody whom they considered an “inspiration”. Read more

CCS Welcomes Dr. Agnes Thomas as New Executive Director

The appointment of Dr. Agnes Thomas as Executive Director of Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) promises CCS strong, experienced, and compassionate leadership as we work to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees.
Read more

Supporting Newcomer Health Professionals

New to Canada and trying to figure out how to apply your knowledge and experience in the medical field? Our Enhanced Language Training Program for internationally trained healthcare professionals (referred to as ELT Program) could be for you! Read more


#RefugeesWelcome: Hear From Our Staff

On World Refugee Day 2017, as we recognize the strength, courage and resilience of the millions of refugees worldwide making challenging journeys, we acknowledge our close to 200 staff working in different roles to support newcomers, including recently-arrived Syrian refugees. Read more

Youth-led Citizenship Ceremony: Welcoming New Canadians

Every year during March break, CCS brings together around 25-30 youth in Scarborough to organize a  Citizenship Ceremony, welcoming new Canadians. This special youth-led Citizenship Ceremony is held in partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC). Read more

Making Wellbeing A Priority: CCS Wellness Fair 2017

On Thursday, March 16, dozens of newcomers spent a few hours at the CCS Wellness Fair 2017 hosted at the CCS Brampton learning about health and wellness services available in the community. Health practitioners and wellness professionals from various disciplines were on hand to introduce their services and draw focus on wellness and self-care. Read more


Learning Together: Family Literacy Program

The Family Literacy Program assists newcomer families develop positive habits around learning language together at home from their earliest days in Canada by delivering group literacy building sessions, parent education workshops, an annual March Break Camp for school-aged children and connecting families with community resources. Read more


Let’s Break the Ice!

Newly arrived youth to Canada from 25 high schools in Scarborough and newcomer Syrian youth came together at a one-day Youth Forum on Aug 29, 2016, giving them an opportunity to break the ice, make new friends and find the supports needed to better integrate into the Canadian school system  before the start of the school year in September. Read more