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About Us

Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) is a non-profit agency providing services that assist in the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees.  At CCS we serve all newcomers, refugees, and immigrants, regardless of race, colour, age, creed, religion or political affiliation.

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CCS is a leader in program delivery developments, including:

Mission Statement

CCS provides services that assist in the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees.

Recognitions and Awards

2004, 2008, 2009 Recipient of the United Way of Peel Spirit Award

Our History


Catholic Immigration Bureau was established under the Catholic Family Services of Toronto.


New Canadian Immigration Policy – increasingly diverse immigrant and refugee arrivals.  CIB programs and services expanded.


Catholic Immigration Bureau became a department of Catholic Charities, was renamed, Department of Immigrant and Refugee Services.  Began delivering services in Peel Region.


Re-established Catholic Immigration Bureau as an independent agency. 


Coordinate Refugee Sponsorship Program for the Archdiocese.  Increasing diverse newcomers arriving in Canada.


Change of Agency name from Catholic Immigration Bureau to CATHOLIC CROSSCULTURAL SERVICES


Begin period of significant expansion of programs/services/locations 


Nine service locations and deliver services through 60+ community locations.   Increased almost threefold since 2006.


1970's &







  • Original partner in delivering the SEPT program; developed many innovations in SEPT program
  • First agency to deliver full time Itinerate Services
  • Original partner in Library Settlement Partnership
  • Developed the LINC Family Literacy program
  • Developed Summer Enrichment Program for school aged immigrants
  • First agency to deliver a VAW program specifically designed for newcomer women
  • Key partner in development of HEAL program for women and children experiencing domestic violence
  • Developed KIOSK model of settlement delivery; only Kiosk deliverers
  • One of few/only programs for post-settlement/undocumented/refugee claimant newcomers
  • Developed the SIP model – a hybrid ISAP/NIC program
  • First non-SAH to deliver the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program


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